Named Top Lawyers in Las Vegas by Greenspan Media Group/Vegas, Inc., & Desert Companion

Welcome to Reed & Mansfield. Our top rated (by,,, and BBB) Las Vegas, Nevada, based law firm consists of a family of four attorneys: Jonathan Reed and Lorraine Mansfield, husband and wife, and two sons Daniel and Douglas Reed. We only practice in a few areas of the law where we have expertise and we are selective about the cases we take. But if we take your case we will treat you like family and three of us, Jonathan, Douglas and Daniel, will give you our personal cell phone numbers.

Our goal is great results and high client satisfaction and each of us works on fewer cases than the average attorney so that we can give each client and case the attention they deserve.  If we don't take your case we often are able to refer you to an attorney who will.

If you have been in accident, call us for a FREE, no-obligation initial phone consultation at (702) 343-0494 to find out whether we will be able to help you.

We understand that lawyers are in the service business and that one of the biggest complaints people have about lawyers is not getting their phone calls returned, or otherwise not being able to speak with their lawyer. When you hire us, you will deal directly with a lawyer and you will get the lawyer's cell phone number. You will not deal with secretaries, paralegals or "case managers." Law firms that advertise heavily on tv and with billboards have to cut corners to make up for this huge expense and they do this by having most or all of the clients' cases handled by non-lawyers. For example, there are no educational or other requirements to be a paralegal or secretary or case manager, although in fairness some of these folk are bright and skilled and some eventually go to law school and become lawyers. 

The lawyers in our firm have experience with big, medium and small injury cases (successfully collecting over $13,000,000 in a single case on behalf of a woman severely brain damaged in a collision). Personal injury cases we have successfully handled include motor vehicle collisions, boating accidents, defective products, legal malpractice, and slip/trip fall cases. In 2015 we achieved a $2,000,000 settlement in a car/truck collision case and in 2014 a $1,900,000 settlement in a car/car collision (on behalf of a single client).

Warnings About Medical Bills

Medical bills can suck up tremendous amounts of money in a case in certain situations. Find out more.

As a service to our wrongful death clients we do not charge fees for any probate in connection with your  wrongful death case. We also offer a discount, low fee service for uncontested probates, as well as competitively priced wills and trusts. If you are interested, please visit our probate/estate planning focused website at