Douglas A. Reed

Douglas Reed

Douglas A. Reed is a native Nevada born Las Vegan. He graduated from Bonanza High School, then UNLV where he earned a degree in Environmental Science, and then the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV.

Douglas A. Reed took and passed the California Bar Exam on his first try in July of 2007, and he took and passed the Nevada Bar Exam on his first try on July 2008. He has extensive local and international experience in the legal field. Douglas A. Reed externed with a local family court judge, and successfully completed an externship in Japan at an international corporate law firm.

Douglas A. Reed's practice is largely limited to Personal Injury and Probate cases. Although most of his personal injury cases are car accident cases some of his more interesting cases include:

  • Playground injury: A young child in daycare was pushed off a slide during recess at school and broke his arm. The major issue here was whether the day care had adequate supervision.
  • Elderly lady hit by automatic door at her doctor's office: A malfunctioning automatic door knocked down an elderly lady at her doctor's office. The case was complex not only because of her injuries but because, the landlord, the door manufacturer, and the maintenance company hired to maintain the door all denied liability.
  • Failed Medical Malpractice Cases that became Legal Malpractice Cases: Although we don't do medical malpractice cases we will consider legal malpractice for failed Las Vegas injury cases. Two of these cases that Douglas handled involved complicated medical issues.
  • Filing of a federal admiralty lawsuit in California involving a boating accident: A unique experience that Douglas has that most personal injury attorneys lack is that he has filed a federal admiralty lawsuit in California involving a boating accident--federal admiralty law can be more favorable to plaintiffs than state personal injury law.

Douglas also takes uncontested California Probate Cases in any county if the estate is worth $400,000 or more and gives a discount from the statutory attorneys' fee.

Douglas A. Reed can be reached at: (702) 521-3794.