Bicycle Accidents in Las Vegas, Nevada

Unfortunately, we are seeing an increase in bicycle fatalities in Clark County. For example, on June 30, 2015 KNPR reported that so far that year 7 cyclists in Clark County had died in accidents. Nevada law requires that cars give cyclists 3 feet of space when passing them, but this law if often broken. Sports cyclists riding in the road typically increase their odds of survival by wearing helmets, bright clothes, riding in the morning, and using flashing red and white lights. (A flashing red tail light powered by AAA batteries will gives many, many hours of service on one set of batteries.)

Riding on the sidewalk is permitted in some areas of town and apparently tolerated in other areas provided the rider is courteous to pedestrians. One issue with sidewalk riding is the pedestrian walk light. As mentioned, a pedestrian walk light may be "green" for pedestrians at the same time the overhead traffic light is green for a right turning car crossing the pedestrian walkway. Although the car driver is supposed to look before crossing the pedestrian walkway, the car driver may argue he or she did not see a fast riding cycle approaching the crosswalk. Most pedestrian crosswalk lights allow adequate time for a pedestrian to cross on foot. However, there is a dedicated bicycle path parallel to much of the 215 in Las Vegas. Where that bicycle pathway crossed W. Charleston there is no overhead bridge; instead there is a crosswalk and crosswalk light which is not on long enough to allow a cyclist or pedestrian to walk across the intersection with the pedestrian crosswalk light. 

A cyclist injured by a car while bicycling who owns his own car with uninsured / underinured motorist coverage, may be able to use that coverage if a car with inadequate insurance injures the cyclist. 

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