Low 25% Fee For Accidents or Injuries With Favourable Police Report


If you were in a car, truck, boat or motorcycle accident we will take your case for a low 25% contingency fee in the following circumstances:

  • You were not cited by the police for a traffic violation but the other driver was cited by the police for a traffic violation
  • If you were an innocent passenger in a car or truck
  • If you were a pedestrian and you were not cited for jaywalking or other violation but the driver was cited for a trafic violation.
  • If you were rear-ended at a red light even if there is no police report.


Frequently Asked Questions

First, the passenger is never at fault with the rare exceptions of a passenger providing alcohol to the driver or physically interfering with the driver. So the passenger will qualify for the 25% contingent fee.

Second, if you are the driver in a no-police report case, give us a call and we will talk to you and make a decision as to whether to offer you the 25% fee.

Police reports carry a lot weight with insurance companies and judges and juries. If the police have investigated and found in your favor in a car or truck or pedestrian accident we don't need to charge more. Have you ever stopped to consider how much it costs to advertise on tv, on billboards, in the phone book, or for personal injury cases on Google and other search engines? We spend virtually no money on advertising so we don't have to share your fee with the phone company or a tv station or Google. It's your injury; you need the money.

Unlike some personal injury advertisers when you call us you speak to an attorney and a lawyer will handle all aspects of your case. Some of our competitors warn that you "get what you pay for" when you try and get a discount on legal fees. In favorable police report cases we offer the 25% discount based on the odds which favor making this case easier on average than a case in which there is no police report, or the police cite both drivers, or we have a legal malpractice claim or defective products claim. We do charge fees of 33.33%-40% in other personal injury cases. We prefer to think of our discount 25% fee for favorable police report cases as a situation of passing on savings to our clients.

In many situations paying less does not get you less. Many people pay different rates for the same hotel room. However, it is important you are comfortable and confident with the firm you choose. We invite you to call the Nevada State Bar at 702-382-2200 or toll free at 1-800-254-2797 and ask if any members of our team have any record of discipline with the state bar--we don't. Most of our competitors don't either but at least one big Las Vegas TV advertiser does.

We also invite you to check out the reviews of all our lawyers on AVVO.