Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

If you have been injured in a truck accident with a favourable police report find out more about our low 25% fee available through the website or by referral from a previous client.

If you've been injured in an accident with a regulr pick-up truck view our car & motor vehicle accidents page for more information.

Liability Policies on Commercial Heavy Duty Trucks

Because occupants of regular consumer vehicles stand little chance in a serious collision with a heavy truck, there is almost always a minimum liability policy of $1,000,000 on commercial heavy duty trucks.

This liability limit is often just the beginning in the case of a very serious injury or in the case of death or multiple deaths. In the case of a collision involving a tractor trailer there may be insurance policies on both the tractor and on the trailer.

But, again, when an 18 wheeler causes crippling injury and/or one or more deaths, even a policy limit of one or several million dollars may prove inadequate. If the truck driver is at fault, their employer may have substantial assets and be on the hook for damages in excess of their insurance even if the insurance policy limit(s) are one or several million dollars.

Investigating Possible Product Liability In Truck Accidents

If the truck collision causes catastrophic injury and/or one or more deaths it is often worthwhile to pay experts to expand upon the police investigation of the collision to see if there are products liability claims against parts of the truck and to see if there are maintenance claims against repair facilities which worked on the truck.

Even if the truck which caused the damage was not a heavy duty truck such as an 18 wheeler, with catastrophic injury and/or death, it is worthwhile to look into product defects in some cases.

Reed & Mansfield Case Example:

In one case we handled, a heavy duty 4 wheel pick-up operated by a paving company was towing a compressor mounted trailer. The tongue of the trailer became detached from the pick-up, flew upward and the trailer / compressor combo rotated backward and then the tongue of the trailer went through the windshield of our client taking out part of her brain and one eye, but not killing her. The paving company paid part of the 8 figure settlement and the company which sold the trailer / compressor combination paid the other part because they had made safety chains an extra-cost option for the compressor / trailer combo and the paving company didn’t pay for this option which almost certainly would have avoided the tragedy.