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Privacy Policy / Disclaimer:

We do not sell personal information about clients or potential clients to any third parties.  However, because we are lawyers and not computer geeks, we honestly do not know to what extent information you share online may be viewed by others and/or used by various web browsers, search engines and/or web applications, etc. Our understanding is that the information you send to us online via this website and/or our emails is likely NOT being sent over an encrypted channel and could potentially be intercepted.  Accordingly, we strongly recommend that you NEVER share information you consider highly sensitive or otherwise private on our website or in your emails to us (or anywhere else online if you can avoid doing so).  If you choose to share your information online you do so at your own risk.  Instead, if you are interested in hiring us for your legal needs, please call us to personally discuss your legal issue(s).

We provide a form submission option and our email addresses on our website so people can have options as to how and when to initiate contact with us, for example, perhaps its 2:00 am and you were wondering if we could help you regarding a car accident you recently had.  In such a situation, please feel free to contact us online by providing just the basic facts of the your car accident and your injuries that you don’t consider to be private or personal, as well as your phone number.  One of our lawyers may then call you near the start of the next working day to privately discuss your case in greater detail.  PLEASE NOTE: AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY CREATED SIMPLY BY YOU INITIATING SOME SORT OF CONTACT WITH US.  For both ethical and business reasons, we cannot accept every case.  If you attempt to contact us but do not get promptly contacted back at the start of the next business day, you should move on to contact other lawyers, as there are all sorts of deadlines that can apply to legal matters and it is important that you take action to prevent missing a deadline.

Additional Notes

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