When To Contact A Lawyer

  • If you are not admitted to the hospital and need further treatment it is a good idea to contact a lawyer within a day or two of the injury to discuss treatment options.
  • If you are hospitalized with a serious injury such as broken bones, or a brain bleed, there is no need to rush and contact a lawyer for treatment advice. This is because your treatment will be dictated by doctor evaluations and emergency conditions so you won’t have much control over your treatment. Taking a couple of weeks or so to contact a lawyer in this situation is usually fine.
  • If you are hurt badly enough to be hospitalized and it appears you have very serious injuries, it may be useful to contact a lawyer as soon as you can as there could be evidence beyond the police report that needs to be preserved. For example, if you had a serious head on collision and your airbag did not deploy, it could be a defective product situation and you might need to talk to a lawyer about preserving the evidence, possibly your totaled car.

Bottom Line On Contacting A Lawyer

The ideal time to contact an attorney is between 1 and 2 days after the event to a few weeks after the event.

This gives you time to search the net for a lawyer you think will do a good job for you. You don't need to immediately call the first lawyer you remember from TV ads.

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