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About Reed & Mansfield

As a member of The Nevada bar since 1981, and the California Bar since 1983, Jonathan C. Reed has valuable trial and negotiating experience, primarily in the field of personal injury (including car accidents, truck accidents, trip and falls, legal malpractice, defective products, and swimming pool drownings, and boat injuries). He has tried cases to the local state and federal courts in Las Vegas and argued several cases to the Nevada Supreme Court as well at the U.S. Ninth Circuit of Appeals and California Appellate Court. He has served as a Court Appointed Arbitrator and is available for private mediations and arbitrations. He is licensed to practice law in Nevada and California.

Attorney Lorraine Mansfield has also been practicing law in Las Vegas since 1981. She has experience arguing before the Nevada Supreme Court and the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. She handles vaccination injury cases and has practiced extensively before the U.S. Court of Claim in Washington, D.C., and serves as a Court Appointed Arbitrator for a wide variety of civil disputes.

Douglas A. Reed, licensed in both Nevada & California, mainly represents people hurt in accidents. Douglas and Daniel Reed, see below, filed suit on and ultimately settled for $1,900,000 a car accident case involving severe leg injuries. Douglas Reed has also obtained six figure settlements in two legal malpractice cases arising from failed medical malpractice cases.

Daniel J. Reed, licensed in Nevada, California and Arizona, also mainly represents people hurt in accidents. Prior to joining the family firm, he worked as a Plaintiff's attorney in California and then as a defense attorney for a Las Vegas firm. His prior experience as a defense attorney gives him valuable insight into how the defense tries to defeat Plaintiffs' claims.  In 2015 he won the Avvo "Client's Choice" award.  For 2016 he has been named a "Top 40 Under 40 Litigation Lawyer" in the State of Nevada by the American Society of Legal Advocates.

Jonathan C. Reed's two biggest cases involved accident victims who sustained severe brain damage and needed and obtained funding for a total life care. One victim was a young boy who fell into a swimming pool and was revived only after sustaining profound brain damage. The apartment complex in which the boy lived paid several million dollars for their carelessness in not having a working self-latching gate at the pool entrance. The other victim was a young woman driving home from work. An improperly connected trailer detached from a pick-up truck and the tongue of the trailer went through her windshield and her skull. In this case the construction company towing the trailer (with an improper connection) and the manufacturer of the trailer (which sold it without safety chains) each contributed several million dollars to the life care plan for this young woman.

For car, truck, and boating accidents in which there is a favorable police report (you are not cited; the other side is cited OR you are a passenger and your driver is cited even if your driver is a family member) OR you are the driver and there is no police report but it is obvious that you were not at fault (for example, you were rear-ended) we offer a low discount no gimmick fee of 25% of the gross recovery and the discount fee remains the same whether or not we have to file suit or go to trial to win your case. Find out more at Low Fee for Favorable Police Report Cases (Why should you pay for tv ads and billboards for some lawyer?) For other types of personal injury cases, our fee is 33.33% to 40%.