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Accident Awards Blog

Accident Awards Blog

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Personal Injury Articles & Information

$1.9 Million

settlement in a car / car collision on behalf of a single client.

$5.75 Million

settlement on behalf of a young child who suffered brain damage after falling into an apartment’s swimming pool.

$13 Million

in a single case on behalf of a woman severly brain damaged in a collision.

What To Do If You Are In A Motor Vehicle Accident

What To Do If You Are In A Motor Vehicle Accident

From what to do at the scene to medical bills here are a number of tips and information of what to do if you've been in a motor vehicle accident whether it's in a car, truck or motorcycle crash etc.

Your Claim & Social Media

Your Claim & Social Media

The defense will often look at social media posts for information that may help their case. Find out about modern methods utilized to discredit a plaintiff.